Our Story

How do you describe the cold in a warm way? It's not easy, the best things never are, but if you look past the falling mercury you can find glimmers of light in even the darkest caverns. The warmth of a deeper meaning. The friendships with the people who inspire you. The exploration of places forgotten by time. The wonder at sights that few people see. These are the things that give warmth to your soul. That make this life something special.



The north coast of Ireland is an incredible landscape that has inspired countless generations. Tales of giants and magic resonate with the striking visual beauty of the place. That is what will be woven into every thread. Coalders mission is to introduce high quality, ethically made, limited edition clothing to the people who want something different. Something unique. Something awesome. This landscape has inspired the creation of many beautiful things, and I for one am hoping that Coalder will live up to its heritage. 

Of course, it's not just the physicality of a place that makes it special, it's the people too. They are the lifeblood of this wild and wonderful place. I am grateful to know the characters I do, and thank them for supporting me so far. We're just getting started. Coalder.