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Colours Of The West

March 16, 2016

Sunset in Sligo

A stunning sunset in Sligo.

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Into The Sky

March 10, 2016

Coalder - Into The Sky

Cinematic light in winters skies.

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The West In Winter

February 02, 2016

Connemara Hills

A few days on the west coast of Ireland.

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The North Coast

November 30, 2015

A view from the sky. 

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The Emerald Armada

July 15, 2015

A collaboration of sound & style.

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A Freckle Of Colour

July 10, 2015

An article about the coast.

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Six Months Young

June 07, 2015

How time flies.

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Opposite Coasts

May 26, 2015

A journey from the northeast to the southwest of the island. Dark mountain ranges reaching into the clouds. Deep emerald lakes lying amongst forests. Atlantic waves breaking against the rocks in the bays. Is it any wonder that Ireland is regarded as one of the most beautiful countries. It's our home, and through its presence we wander.

We can do Better

April 28, 2015

Automation. It's everywhere. Computers, Information Systems, Robotics. It's easy to forget that some things are still made by hand. Or should I say hands. 

The True Cost is a documentary from director Andrew Morgan that explores the lives behind the hands that make the clothes for the western world. We live in a time where mass-produced clothing has never cost so little, and yet, cost so much. 

"Clothing is the most labor-dependent industry in the world, employing millions of the world’s poorest workers, many of which are women. Many of these women are paid less than a living wage, work in unsafe conditions, and are deprived of basic human rights. In addition to the human impact, fashion is now the number two most polluting industry on earth – second only to oil." - Andrew Morgan

Coalder stands by its ethos of sustainable and rewarding production. Everyone involved in the creation of one of our t-shirts has been paid a proper living wage, along with the benefits they deserve. Should it be possible to buy a new t-shirt for £4? Or how about that same t-shirt, with a brands logo on it, for £30? The people who made it are paid the same. We live in a privileged society, and we believe that it is our responsibility not to abuse or take advantage of those less fortunate than ourselves. 

"The eyes of the world are opening, and I believe history is giving us this moment to choose a better path. What kind of world will we create now that we are beginning to see the cost of our actions?"

The Coast of Clare

March 31, 2015

There is something magnetic about the west coast of Ireland. Its ancient cliffs and rugged hills, sleepy lakes and endless fields of heather amongst rock. And as the Atlantic ocean crashes into its shores, the waves come alive. In this beautiful film from Dreamcatcher Productions, named "The Flaggy Shore" after a poem by Seamus Heaney, the waves come alive, and so do the wave riders.